Does my car need a new alternator?

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Does my car need a new alternator?

McKonly's Garage Blog

The alternator is a main component of your vehicle's charging system. It is hooked to a belt that spins with the motion of the engine which allows it to create electrical power in order to operate numerous system throughout the vehicle. It also is what keeps the battery charged, necessary to ensure your vehicle will start right up without a problem. If you begin to experience any of these signs of electrical trouble it could be time to schedule an appointment to have the alternator replaced. You better hurry though, as putting off this repair could result in a vehicle that doesn't start!

Dim or flickering headlights

The alternator is what's responsible for running many electrical systems when the car is on, and this includes the headlights. If the alternator is losing its ability to perform its duties you may have issues with lighting. Common problems related to this include dim or flickering headlights and tail lights.

Electrical accessory trouble

If you are struggling to operate other electrical accessories when the vehicle is running the alternator may be to blame. This includes systems such as power seats, windows and locks, the radio, USB connections, interior lighting and more.

Rattling noises under the hood

If the belt that the alternator is connected to becomes loose it may result loud rattling sounds to come from under the hood. You will want to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so in order to prevent further damage to the motor.

Vehicle stalls

If the alternator is unable to produce electricity it can cause the car to die while driving since the spark plugs will no longer be able to ignite the air and fuel mix inside the combustion chamber.

Dead battery and car won't start

Once the alternator fails completely your battery will be quickly drained of its remaining power. This will cause the vehicle to not be able to start and no electrical accessories will work turn on.

If you believe you need an alternator replacement in Lancaster the team at McKonly's Garage is standing by to help. We excel at charging system repairs, as well as all other aspects of auto repair. At the first sign of car trouble give us a call at (717) 208-8210 to request an appointment for superior auto maintenance in Lancaster. At McKonly's, we've been helping people in our community for more than 60 years!

McKonly's Garage Blog

Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ