How to tell if your Car Needs Clutch Repair

How to tell if your Car Needs Clutch Repair

Many people prefer driving manual transmission vehicles. They offer more control than their automatic counterparts, thus giving the driver a better feel for the operational ability of their vehicle. However, with a manual transmission comes a clutch, one more part of the vehicle to pay attention to in order to address any potential signs of trouble. If your clutch were to fail you'd be unable to shift gears, meaning you're not going anywhere. If you run into any of the following signs of clutch trouble be sure to speak with a mechanic as soon as possible in order to have the issue resolved.

Sticky or Soft Clutch Pedal

There may come a time when it seems as if the clutch pedal now rests lower than it use to or flat-out gets stuck near the floorboards of your vehicle. This is a major indication of serious clutch trouble. More than likely the problem lies within the hydraulic linkage of the clutch. There is a good chance that the linkage will need a simple adjustment, but if a leak of the fluid has sprung you'll likely be needing a complete replacement of the linkage, and possibly a new clutch plate.

Burning Smell While Shifting

Do you recall first learning to drive a stick shift? The burning smell that would often arise when learning how to accelerate out of first gear was fairly normal, right? Well if you encounter that odor as a veteran manual transmission driver it likely means that your clutch needs to be replaced. If you regularly drive in heavy traffic you may notice this smell from time to time, as traffic results in heavy use of the clutch.

Slipping Gears

If your vehicle seemingly falls or pops out of gear or occasionally lurches or jerks forward suddenly as you drive then it may be the case that the clutch plate is worn down and is in need of replacement. However, there could be another explanation for this. If there is an oil leak that is leaking onto the clutch plate it could cause excessive lubrication, thus resulting in the gears slipping.

Never hesitate to take care of any potential trouble with the clutch as it could mean that you'll end up stranded if the problem gets bad enough. For quality clutch repair in Lancaster be sure to visit the team of expert technicians at McKonly's Garage. We look forward to helping our friends, neighbors and other community members keep their import and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs safe and reliable. To schedule an appointment for auto maintenance or auto repair in Lancaster give us a call at (717) 208-8210 today!

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