Follow these 6 Winter Driving Tips for Increased Safety

Follow these 6 Winter Driving Tips for Increased Safety

During stretches of nasty winter weather, poor visibility and slippery streets can put you in greater danger of getting in an accident. But by taking some basic measures, you can significantly improve your roadway safety. Here are six safety tips for winter driving.

Greater Following Distance

On icy roads, it can take ten times longer to arrive at a full stop after you've started braking. To decrease your risk of getting in an accident, you should increase your following distance to six seconds or more.

Slow Down

When winter weather causes difficult driving, it's best to ease up on the accelerator and maintain a speed that is safer for the conditions, which will allow you more time to react to roadway hazards that suddenly arise.

Turn On Headlights in Daytime

Inclement weather can reduce visibility at any time of day. By keeping your lights on, it'll be easier to see the road ahead, and also easier for other drivers to see you.

Remain Calm

If challenging driving conditions cause you to panic, you'll be more likely to make an irrational decision that puts you in greater peril. When the weather turns bad, you'll want to keep yourself as calm as you possibly can, which will make it much easier for you to carefully calculate how to safely navigate the conditions.

Pull Over if Needed

If poor weather makes it incredibly difficult to navigate, you might prefer to get off the road and wait for conditions to improve. For optimal safety, it'll be best if you can pull into a parking lot instead of onto the shoulder. In particularly dire circumstances, you might consider calling in for roadside assistance.

Winter Auto Maintenance

By getting to the shop for winter auto maintenance, your vehicle will be prepared to keep you as safe as possible. Winter maintenance tasks include checking brakes, heating system, tires, antifreeze, and battery health.

If you need auto maintenance to improve safety on the road this winter, be sure to visit a reputable mechanic. For winter auto maintenance in Lancaster, Mountville, and Columbia, PA, contact the experts at McKonly's Garage at (717) 208-8210. Feel free to give McKonley's Garage a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs! And be sure to check out our current specials!

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Posted: December 31, 2020

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