Common Symptoms of Alternator Trouble

Common Symptoms of Alternator Trouble

Your alternator plays a crucial role in ensuring that your car fires up and drives dependably. But a failing alternator can cause the battery's power reserve to become depleted to the point that you end up stranded. At the first indication of alternator trouble, it'll be worthwhile to have the mechanic conduct an inspection. Here are six symptoms of alternator failure.

Dead Battery

New car batteries should work reliably for a minimum of three years. However, if yours dies sooner, then you could be dealing with an alternator problem---unless you forgot to turn off your headlights!

Dashboard Warning Light

In many cases, the first hint of alternator trouble is the illumination of a dashboard warning light that says ALT or GEN. In some cars, this warning light comes on in the form of a little battery. Anytime you see a warning light turn on, it's smart to soon pinpoint the issue that is triggering it.

Problems with Electrical Accessories

It's common for modern vehicles to have computers that can determine which electrical accessories should have their power reduced first when there's an alternator problem. This preserves more power for your vehicle's most important electrical operations. So, if an accessory such as your power seats isn't functioning properly, this could be why.

Issues with Headlights

A failing alternator can cause headlights to act erratically. When headlights flicker or dim, it creates a serious safety hazard, especially if you're trying to navigate nighttime roads that aren't brightened by street lamps.

Belt Issue

If you have reason to suspect there's an issue with your alternator, then you can get under the hood to do a visual check. You may have spotted the source of your alternator issue if you see a belt that is too tight, too loose, or cracked.

Stalling Out

When an alternator malfunctions, power may not be successfully directed to the spark plugs. As a result, your engine could stall.

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Posted: March 5, 2021

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