Why it's Important to Get a Coolant Flush

Why it's Important to Get a Coolant Flush

By always keeping current with your auto maintenance, you can help your vehicle achieve optimal performance and safety. As part of your maintenance plan, it's best to get your coolant flushed every 30,000 miles. It's important to stay up to date with cooling system maintenance so that you don't increase the risk of your engine overheating, which could cause major problems. Here's a look at five important benefits of getting your coolant flushed.

Get Rid of Acidic Antifreeze

As antifreeze ages, it can turn acidic and begin to clump. During a coolant flush, your vehicle will receive new antifreeze that won't have this issue.

Prevent Rust

Fresh antifreeze will help to prevent the buildup of rust and foam, which will keep your engine in better shape.

Eliminate Contaminants

As old antifreeze loses its anti-corrosive capabilities, contaminants have a greater opportunity to accumulate. During cooling system service, these contaminants are flushed away and new antifreeze will prevent them from building back up.

Extend Life of Water Pump

During cooling system service, your vehicle will be filled up with antifreeze that contains additives that help to keep your water pump properly lubricated. Considering that water pump replacement can be rather expensive, it's best if you're able to maximize your water pump's lifespan.

Adhere to Maintenance Plan

For smooth and safe driving, you want to always stay current with your scheduled auto maintenance. Cooling system care is an important component of any vehicle's overall maintenance plan.

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Posted: November 1, 2020

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