Top Fuel Delivery Problems

Top Fuel Delivery Problems

Top Fuel Delivery ProblemsTo make the engine in your car run it needs three primary ingredients, oxygen, gasoline and spark. If any one of these items in absent, your car's engine won't be going anywhere. Of these items, if one is to be lacking, it is most commonly gasoline. Fuel delivery issues will result in a very poor running car, or one that won't even start. If the engine isn't getting any gasoline it will crank over and over when you turn the key, but it will not fire up. Here's four of the most common issues that will prevent your car from starting, in relation to fuel.

Failed Fuel Pump

The fuel pump in modern vehicles is often located inside the gas tank, making it a difficult part to replace for average DIY mechanics. If the pump fails you may hear it turn on when you turn the key, as it may produce a minor electrical buzz, but it won't be able to actually pump any gas from the tank. A technician can test the pump with proper diagnostic tools to ensure that it is the source of the problem.

Malfunctioning Fuel Pump Relay

In some cases, it is not the pump that has failed, but the electrical relay that tells the pump to turn on or off. If the relay becomes stuck in the off position, the pump will fail to turn on. If it is stuck in the on position, your motor's engine could run rich, meaning it is burning too much gas. Aside from wasting fuel, this could also cause additional trouble under the hood.

Clogged Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is tasked with removing contaminants from the gas you put in the tank, as it isn't as pure as it can be. If the filter becomes dirtied with dirt and dust particles, it could block the proper amount of fuel from getting to the engine. This of course will cause your vehicle to idle poorly, resulting in stalling and the possibility of a no start situation.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Over time it isn't uncommon for the fuel injectors to become gummed up with dirt and other debris. This issue will also result in a poor or non-running motor. It is a good idea to use fuel injector cleaning products as directed to prevent this problem from occurring.

If your car isn't getting the proper amount of gasoline, it is not going to run well. If you're experiencing no starts or a rough idle and believe that you need fuel system repair in Lancaster, be sure to visit McKonly's Garage. We strive to provide the highest quality auto repair in the area. Give us a call at (717) 208-8210 to request an appointment for superior auto repair in Lancaster or the surrounding communities.

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