What are the Top Causes of Engine Trouble

What are the Top Causes of Engine Trouble

What are the Top Causes of Engine TroubleAutomotive engines come in all different sizes and orientations. For example, modern vehicles can have as little as three cylinders and as many as 16 in some supercars and luxury automobiles. So while engines differ from car to car, no matter what you drive there's a few things that the motors all have in common, such as the things that will destroy them. The following are a couple of the top causes of engine damage. Keep reading though, we will follow up each issue with what you can do to prolong your engine's health.

Poor Lubrication

Your engine relies on engine oil for proper lubrication between the engine's moving parts. If oil was to leak from the motor it would cause an increase in friction between moving motor parts that will quickly cause pistons, valves and other parts to deteriorate. To combat this possibly disastrous issue be sure to keep up with oil changes. Fresh oil ensures proper lubrication and the oil change process will allow a technician to give your engine a thorough once over, ensuring there are no leaks or other issues at hand.

Putting off Maintenance

Aside from oil changes there are many other types of maintenance that are necessary to keep an engine running right. Most of this maintenance can be done rather quickly and inexpensively, and putting it off is a surefire way to bring on motor problems. While maintenance needs vary engine to engine, basics include replacing the spark plugs and spark plug wires, conducting timing belt replacement, fuel and air filter replacement, cooling system flushes and more. Check your owner's manual to see when your car is due for service.

High Mileage Wear and Tear

Engines are designed to last for hundreds of thousands of miles, but they require routine service to get there. Even so, as the odometer rolls onward there is an increasing chance of engine trouble. Years of use and miles and miles can take a toll on even the most well cared for engines. Stay on the lookout for signs of engine trouble, such as oil leaks, overheating or increased exhaust smoke so you can be sure to have issues resolved ASAP. Be sure to use high mileage oil with every oil change when the miles really add up.

When it comes to your motor the best thing you can do for it keep up with maintenance and have any potential issues checked out as soon as they become present. For professional engine repair in Lancaster, head to McKonly's Garage. Our team is highly skilled at diagnosing and performing all types of auto repair, including engine services. Give us a call at (717) 208-8210 to schedule quality auto repair in Lancaster today.

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